it's a dog thing

By Di Ellis

There are things our dogs do that we just don't understand (like eating cat poop). Here's a dog's explanation of why they do the things they do.

We like to eat poop sometimes - it's a dog thing.

Never our own, of course, but fresh out of the kitty litter tray, crunchy birdie droppings, or some stray wild animal poop is just yum! Chock full of vitamins and minerals we don't get anywhere else.

It's OK to re-eat your own vomit - it's a dog thing.

But we never, ever, eat anyone else's - that would just be gross! Look - if it was OK the first time, there's no harm in giving it another go. If it's really no good for us, it'll come back up again.

We love to roll in dead animals - it's a dog thing.

Look - you might like the smell of that shampoo, but we don't! As soon as we've had a bath, it's off to look for the most aromatic smell we can find, and roll in it. The smellier the better as far as we are concerned. Then we'll really stand out from the crowd!

Sometimes we just like the sound of our own bark - it's a dog thing.

Yes, we hear you, but sometimes we just want to bark and bark and bark, even if it is only a birdie we'll never reach, or scare away.

We need to check our willie is still there if you pat us on the tummy - it's a boy dog thing.

For all we know you were trying to steal it. We need to make sure it's still there and that it works OK.

It's OK to sniff cat's bottoms (if they'll let you) - it's a dog thing.

All animals have a different smell - and cats smell way stranger than dogs.

We love to chew socks and shoes - it's a dog thing.

We chew them because they smell like you. Not that we want to chew you, but we miss you when you're not there, and these are the things that smell most like you - do you see?

We like to drink water from puddles - it's a dog thing.

Water from a puddle or a pot plant or a pond tastes much better than water out of your own dog bowl.

We have to make our bed before we can go to sleep - it's a dog thing.

Some of us dig a hole, and some of us just turn around 3 - 4 times before settling down, but we have to make our bed first. You make yours too - only you do it in the morning - we do it just before we go to sleep.

We have to put our smell on your bed - it's a dog thing.

Especially when you are changing the sheets. If we don't leave our smell there, another dog might come along and claim it!

We love to run around the house really, really fast - it's a dog thing.

No - we don't need more exercise. We're excited! We're so happy we just want to run and run and run.

We squeak or howl when we yawn - it's a dog thing.

There's nothing better than a good yawn....... and to make the most of it, we need to add a little volume. Small dogs squeak, big dogs howl.

We like to sleep with you - it's a dog thing.

You're the pack leader, we want to sleep near you. So if anything scary approaches in the night - we can fight it together - as a pack.

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Di Ellis is one of the owners of BestDoggieTips

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