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Numerology has its roots back in Babylonian times. Even Pythagoras and his followers believed that various numbers had different properties, with odd numbers having masculine characteristics, and even numbers having feminine characteristics.

Pythagoras believed that the universe existed upon numbers, and that nothing could exist without numbers. He then used his profound logic to take this one step further and deduced that if numbers provided the basis of the universe, then numbers provided the basis for life.

Your dog's date of birth reveals much about them, their behaviour and approach to life. Let me provide you with a comprehensive report which will explain

  • what your dog's Birth Chart reveals about his or her strengths, weaknesses, orientation and capacity.
  • your dog's Ruling Number which indicates the challenge presented by our existence, a challenge which we will have to face, no matter what we do. The ruling number also points to an appropriate path which is in harmony with our dog's personality.
  • the significance of your dog's Birth Day
  • your dog's Number of Fate which represents your dog's expectations of itself
  • your dog's Number of Appearance, which represents how others see your dog, and the impression your dog leaves on people
  • your dog's name's Dominant Number which reveals the strengths and weaknesses associated with your dog's name

This report will give you a fascinating insight into your dog and why it behaves the way it does, and what you can do to help your dog improve it's quality of life.

See A real life Example

So you can see what you get, I have done a report for my very own Hamish McPup. You can read a little about him on our About Us page, but let me repeat his story here as background before you read the Numerology Report.

Hamish was a rescue dog - he was found living wild in a cemetery, and the RSPCA thought he had been there for at least a year. He was adopted by a family member of mine and given to an elderly aunt as a companion. But my Aunt was not used to dogs, and Hamish was very wild - would not obey orders, escaped from the yard - even tried to nip my Aunt on the ankles if she scolded him.

So Hamish was then taken back by the family member who bought him and taken to live on acreage with 2 other dogs. With this family, the animals were pretty much left to fend for themselves. They were fed and had shelter available, but that was about it.

Then one day we got a call to say 2 of their chickens had been killed and they thought it was Hamish, so he had to go. Now at this stage, our dog Remus was still alive, but only just. Being a 15 year old bull terrier cross, almost deaf and blind, we could not in good conscience bring another dog into the house, so we asked our brother to mind Hamish until we could take him. We didn't want to see him go back to an animal shelter.

Our brother looked after Hamish pretty well, but he lives in a very small house with no yard, so Hamish only got out on leash, but at least he had company a lot of the time.

This went on for about 6 months until Remus passed away. A few weeks after that we brought Hamish to our house and started the process of gaining his trust. After at least 5 owners in his short life (Hamish was 6 by then), he was a very distrustful dog. And who can blame him - we might get tired of him too!

It's taken a lot of work, and patience, but we now finally have a lovable, relatively well behaved dog. But he still has his quirks. He's terrified of loud noises like thunder and sirens and there are times when I'll swear that he's deaf. He also has to get the last word in when you reprimand him for some wrong behaviour (just a little grunt as he's walking away)!

Now have a look at this report - I've got to say even I was shocked at how accurate parts of it were. And it gave me a better insight into my lovely boy. (By the way, you can read this report just by clicking the link, or download it by right clicking and choosing Save Target As. It is in PDF format).

Hamish McPup's Numerology Report

So How Do I Get one?

You can get your Numerology Report in one of 3 formats. You can have a PDF of your report emailed to you (fastest!), you can get a printed report, or you can get your report on CD .

The prices for your Numerology Report are as follows:

  • to get the PDF Report sent to you via email, you pay only $4.95
  • to get the printed Report sent to you by mail, you pay only $7.95
  • to get the Report on CD sent to you by mail, you pay only $9.95

Note: all prices include shipping to anywhere in the world.

And, for a measly $2.00 extra we can personalise your report with a photo of your dog (see Hamish's report above for an example).

To get your report, simply enter your Name, your dog's name and your dog's Date of Birth below (plus your email address if you choose to get the report emailed to you).

Then select the type of report you would like (PDF, paper or CD) and decide whether you would like to personalise your report. Then just click the Order Now button to pay for your report.

Special Notes: if your dog has a formal name but generally goes by a different name (for example, a show name and then what you call them), then include both of these names below.

If you are personalising your Numerology Report, after you have paid via PayPal you will be directed back here to email us the photo you would like included on your report. Make sure once you have completed payment at PayPal that you click the button saying "Click here to return to Best Doggie Tips".

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