Choosing a Name for Your New Puppy

By Di Ellis

When you bring home a new puppy, one of the first tasks you are faced with is choosing the right name for your new friend.

So, where do you find the inspiration for a name?

Just as with a child, you need to keep a few things in mind when choosing the right name. Make sure that it is one that:

  • You will be happy shouting out at 8pm at night for them to come in
  • You are not embarrassed to be heard calling at the dog park
  • Will suit a grown up dog as well as a puppy

There's nothing wrong with flicking through a baby book to get inspiration.

Another source is Google. If there is some striking feature to your pet, such as their colour or height, you can use Google to find out what those words mean in another language. For example, I once had a black dog which I called Kieran (in Gaelic this can mean black). A friend of mine has a black dog called Ebony.

Other sources of inspiration can be:

  • Cartoon characters (Mickey, Grinch, Marvin, Scooby Doo)
  • Movie characters (Zorro, Dumbledore, Frodo)
  • TV characters (Mulder, Scully)
  • Your favourite musician (Ringo, Nelly, Moby)
  • Famous people from History (Napoleon, Nightingale)
  • Myths & Legends (Zeus, Thor, Horus)
  • Famous couples or threesomes if you have more than one puppy (Remus and Romulus; Hewey, Dewey & Louie)
  • Famous gangsters (Al, Babyface, Lucky)
  • Plants (Rose, Daisy, Lily)
  • Your hobby (Birdie, Touchdown)
  • Their personality (Scooter, Buster, Trouble)
  • Acronyms (TC – Top Cat, JB – Joy Boy, BD – Big Dog)
  • Drinks (Tequila, Merlot, Bourbon)

Just remember, the name you choose will stay with your dog for life, and with you. Choose wisely.

About the Author

Di Ellis is one of the owners of BestDoggieTips